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Spinal Decompression Program

This 10 minute exercise program is designed to prime the lymphatic system, decompress the spine, balance out the body,  floss and mobilize the nervous system. 

The spinal decompression program may help to decrease symptoms related to irritation of the sciatic nerve. 

Stop if you experience any pain or symptoms.

The program consists of 6 posture presses (held for about 5 seconds each) repeated twice, 2 hip and trunk rotation exercises and 2 stretches.  You will need a folded pillow case to support the thigh for the last 2 stretching exercises.   

Credits: This program was created by Julie Edwards PT and was derived from her clinical experience and training in the work of Sara Meeks PT (osteoporosis vertebral fracture prevention) and David Butler PT (nerve mobilization).  Music licensed for use by Julie Edwards though

Liability waiver: If any movement or movements are painful, see your local physical therapist or healthcare provider.  This program is for educational purposes and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice and treatment.  Although this program is  designed to be safe (spine and joint-friendly), no movement is 100% safe and without risk for everyone. 

By choosing to follow this program you, the participant, consent to risk of body injury and agree to waive liability and assume full responsibility for your actions.    

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